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Anchors Seminar

The Anchors Seminar was originally created to give BMS graduates something to tackle beyond BMS. Over the years, though, it has evolved into something more. It still serves to give advanced students some new outdoor skills. But it also serves to prepare beginning climbers to safely build anchors, especially for top rope climbing. And it also helps prepare climbers for Traditional Lead Climbing School.

The Anchors Seminar is characterized as a top rope class. We definitely teach you how to place rock protection. But we do not spend a great deal of time discussing impact force and rope vectors; that is covered in Trad School. An understanding of impact forces and vectors is essential to knowing how to safely lead climb. The pro placements in Anchors are mostly meant to withstand relatively light downward forces, thus the top rope characterization.

There are no strict prerequisites for Anchors. But it is helpful to have taken at least Basic Rock. See also the Preparation page.

Contact Bill Haneghan if you have questions.